Earth Healer

A curse on the land. A kidnapped healer. A laird who doesn’t trust magic.

Angeline, a healer and earth elemental, wants nothing more than to stay safe in her cottage, practicing her herbal magic away from the critical eye of the village that ostracized her. Nothing can make her leave until a laird in need sparks the joy of her calling.

Damien, Laird of Fenris Keep, creatively leads his people despite the curse on his land. But from personal experience, he doesn’t trust those who wield the power of elemental magic.

Can an earth healer heal a human heart? Can the laird of the land overcome his distrust? Can they work together to discover the root of the curse?

And can the Omnos Island Prophecy be real?

Earth Healer is the first book in the Omnos Island Elementals Series. It features a strong earth elemental healer with the canny ability to reach for magic wherever she might be, an untrusting leader who discovers that his strengths include a certain elemental witch, and an HEA that will leave you wanting more.

Fire Seeker

A fire elemental with a temper. A prince who cares a little too much. A spreading blight that is killing Karhu.

Narr doesn’t remember much about her past except a raging fire and the desperately whispered instructions to hide until her parents return for her. She has faithfully done so, remaining apart from the local village even though she sells her pottery wares in the market. She fears the power of her element as much as she fears that her parents will never return for her.

Torben, prince of Karhu, walks away from his rightful lineage out of respect and love for his father. He cleans up his step-brother’s messes and represents the royal family. He’s strong, competent, and, because of his size, feared. Until he meets a potter in the marketplace who challenges him.

Will Narr control her magic and her temper and find a place where she belongs? Will Torben fight for his people, his place, and the woman he loves? And between them both, will they be able to master the blight that threatens to destroy the country that they both love?

And can they help discover more pieces from the Omnos Island Prophecy?

Fire Seeker is the second book in the Omnos Island Elemental Series. It features a passionate, lonely fire elemental who longs to find her family as much as she fears harming with her fiery magic, a rightful prince of Karhu, who gently coaxes a certain fire elemental to trust her own magic and his love, and an HEA that will melt your heart.

Air Singer

An air elemental who fights for those who cannot. A university professor who protects those he cares for. A university’s secret uncovered.

Aella, a wind witch, arrives at the Université Desiday with unconventional teaching experience and a strong desire to teach. She is confronted with the antiquated academic ideals that bring her ideas to a standstill. When she meets the leaders of the island, she learns what true cooperation and friendship look like as they confide in her about a pivotal prophecy.

Joseph, a metal witch, provides extra opportunities for those students who exhibit their love of learning and works around those who do not. He doesn’t make waves until a new professor is hired to teach. Her strong opinions mirror his own and her ideas catch his attention.

Will Aella survive the university and its underhanded policies? Will Joseph defend his ideals and the people he loves?

And can their combined power reveal the next piece of the Omnos Island Prophecy?

Air Singer is the third book in the Omnos Island Elementals Series. It features an intelligent, accomplished wind elemental with a mission to spread knowledge to whoever wants to learn, a protective metal elemental who learns that risk is worth the reward, especially when it comes to a particular elemental witch, and an HEA that will take your breath away.

Water Weaver

Maya, a water elemental, has been taking care of herself and her two younger brothers for years. She’s busy with her work, with her community, and with her textile art. She doesn’t want or need trouble in her life. But when the Prince of Marique literally lands at her door asking for help and strange events start happening in the harbor driving away much needed tourists, she can’t say no. Now she’s got more trouble than she wants and the royal family to deal with on top of everything else.

Louis, the Prince of Marique, is done with the attention he gets as son of the queen. He wants to make changes to Marique but he’s being held back by his own mother and his reputation as a playboy. He’s taking matters into his own hands, creating the change he wants to see for his people, choosing the life he wants for himself. If one of those changes is taking on the woman he’s fallen in love with, so be it.

Will Maya overcome her fears and let others help her? Will Louis claim his good deeds and stand strong for his people? Will their magic work together to remove the cold threat that looms over Marique City?

And will they be able to find the missing piece of the Omnos Island Prophecy?

Water Weaver is the fourth book in the Omnos Island Elementals Series. It features a sassy artistic water elemental who weaves people and communities together with the same ability that she weaves her intricate tapestries, a prince who wants to protect the people he loves, especially the water elemental who has his heart in knots, and an HEA that will make you sigh.

Wood Watcher

Cassia, an earth elemental and tree witch, lives in the forests of the Madeira. She’s spent years proving that she despite her impaired sight, she can live independently. She thinks she’s destined to be alone until she starts getting flowers from an unknown admirer. Between the strange surges in her magic and the even stranger attacks from creatures not native to her beloved forest, the strain on her magic is growing.

Aimon, an Equalizer who can’t be affected by magic, has been tasked with protecting the Old One, an ancient tree in the midst of the Madeira. In secret. When the tree starts failing, he can’t confide in the one person who could help him. He trusts her. He’s in awe of her. But he can’t tell her a thing.

Will Cassia survive the physical and magical attacks? Will Aimon trust his instincts and the incredible tree witch he’s fallen for? Will they be able to protect the ancient tree from harm?

And more importantly, will the secret piece of the prophecy be revealed to the one who wishes it harm?

Wood Watcher is the fifth book in the Omnos Island Elementals Series. It features a highly accomplished, sight-impaired tree witch who loves what she does and will fight anyone who tries to stifle her independent life, a quiet, non-magical caregiver who falls for her and discovers his true calling, and an HEA that will soften your heart.